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Bonus Episode: Recipe Roundup #4

Bonus Episode: Recipe Roundup #4

We take a look at the books and recipes we cooked from in this bonus-episode – something we call a “recipe round-up”.  Everything is on the table and our testers hold nothing back! Not all of these recipes challenged us, in fact some were just downright spectacular. But, there were some that we thought made us work a little too hard to achieve the desired results. And that’s what makes the whole Recipe Testing Process worth its salt. We learn a lot, ask a lot of questions and, as usual, our testers have a lot to say about what we were cooking! You can find these recipes and more on Now That’s A Mouthful Recipes Page.  

We’ll be talking about…

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The recipes and cookbooks we speak to in this episode include the following. You can find more cookbooks and our reviews of them on our Cookbooks Page.