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Bonus Episode: The Gracious Guest

Bonus Episode: The Gracious Guest

Learn the proper etiquette of being a guest from the moment the invitation arrives to the thank you that follows…  Inspired by our entertaining episode Episode 44 – Open Your Door; It’s Enough Part 1 and Part 2. When all is said and done, gracious is how you should be thought of when people think of you as a guest at their social gatherings. Besides being appropriate, behaving civilized in an otherwise uncivilized world, will get you far. And when it’s time for another party, most likely get you invited back.

We’ll be talking about…

  • The goal is to be invited back and not to be the one talked about after. Don’t be that Inappropriate Conversationalist; the Wall-Flower; the Habitual Late-Comer.
  • When you accept an invitation you are agreeing to be kind, respectful and gracious.
  • Tip #1: When you receive an invitation – RESPOND. It’s a Yes I can attend or No I cannot. Do not add anything to the invitation
  • Tip #2: Know what you are accepting; if you need clarification ask when the invitation arrives. Take a moment to thoroughly consider what you are being invited to. Make sure you know all the details when accepting the invitation.
  • Tip #3: Do not or invite others (including children) if they are not specifically invited.
  • Tip # 4: Do not offer help if you are not genuinely willing to do so. A gesture to help is only as good as your willingness to follow through.
  • Tip #5: Arrive on time, never early. Arrive when your host intends the party to start.
  • Tip #6: Leave at the appropriate time so the last impression is good — of the party and of you.
  • Tip #7: Self-monitoring is also your responsibility. Know when to say when and encourage others to slow down (or eat more) when they’ve imbibed a bit too much.
  • Tip #8: Gifts are nice, but in most cases unnecessary, especially casual gatherings. Formal invitations are the exception, but it’s only a token gesture.
  • Tip #9: Socialize, meet, greet and be nice to all at the party. When you attend a social gathering, regardless of the location, the occasion, the people or the event, you must behave with respect and courtesy toward your host and the other guests.
  • Tip #10: Say thank you. A simple thank you extended to your host shortly after the occasion is always in good taste. It is only required after you’ve been treated to a sit down meal, or an overnight stay.
  • Etiquette for overnight or extended stay guests. Confirm arrival and departure times; plan activities and share your itinerary for the duration of your stay. Send a thank you note; it is proper when you stay over-night.

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