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Episode 46: Our Holy Grail Quest for the Perfect Bite.

Episode 46: Our Holy Grail Quest for the Perfect Bite.

Wrapping up 16 weeks of cooking and shared experiences in our kitchens. We’ve cooked across all different cultures, cuisines and dietary platforms, and we never stopped talking about what we’ve learned and how we’ve changed the way we think about food and set it out on our tables, not just for ourselves, but for our family and friends. We look back at what we all brought to the table; what we learned, how we learned it and what we take away as we look forward to Season 3 of Now That’s A Mouthful podcast.

We’ll be talking about…

  • Good ingredients make for good food. We refer to Episode 38 Our Homemade Kitchen and Kitchen Shortcuts and hear from several of our Recipe Testers.
  • Our recap of Season: What we brought to the table and how we learn to cook. If we give people a place to talk about food, give people a place to try new things and talk about it, good things will happen. The journey of learning of and about home-cooking. 
  • Validating our love for home cooking and feeding family and friends.
  • We refer to Episode 34 – Going Rogue and what inspired people back into the kitchen.
  • Our new and fully expanded repertoire of recipes – keepers and those that go into regular rotation; recipes for weekend entertaining.
  • Cherie reflects on learning to understand the voice of our authors. Some authors write to teach; some write to get us in the kitchen, and still manage to teach; some write cookbooks as memoirs, and some just write compilations of recipes.
  • Bonus Episodes The Recipe Roundups. These give us a chance to re-consider a recipe that we may have over-looked.
  • Learning to cook from our families.
  • Episode 41 Where We Find Our Food and Episode 42 Our Love for Cultural Cuisine and how food tells the stories of our lives and ourselves.
  • A huge debt of gratitude and thanks, especially to our Recipe Testers and listeners.
  • How Now That’s A Mouthful works; the recipe testing process and where the recipes come from.
  • The recipes we talked most about including Repertoire’s Chocolate Chip Cookies.
  • Chef Donna’s and Cherie’s selection of their perfect bite for Season 2. Chef Donna reflects on Episode 36 Baking Basics and her resolve to continue to bake and approach it with confidence. Chef Donna’s perfect bite from Season 2 is The Hearty Cod Broth from My Lisbon. Cherie’s quest continues to be perfecting the chocolate chip cookie, incorporating techniques and learning and ingredients from this season’s cookbooks.

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The recipes discussed in this episode come from these cookbooks and others. Find more on our Cookbooks Page.