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Episode 45: Cooking Across Generations

Episode 45: Cooking Across The Generations

Cooking across the generations and what it means to learn from each other sharing family food traditions, modernizing those traditions and understanding how we not only learn to cook but how we share our mutual love for food, family and gathering people around our table. We’re talking with Cherie, her mom and her daughter: 3 generations gathered at the table to talk about how they learned their cherished recipes and traditions. We about how each learned to cook, what they learned from each other, and what each brings back to the family kitchen – when they’re together, and when they’re cooking for their own families or friends. We uncover the relationships not only among mothers and daughters, but also appreciate their relationships with food and their desire to share it.

We’ll be talking about…

  • Where family traditions began: in Cherie’s family – raising food from gardens and farms, baking and preserving fruits and jams, and the pots that are now used for steaming crabs!
  • The oldest generation – the grand-parents, and farming; living off the land and no waste. We put our world and food into historical, generational, and societal context. Sandy talks about her father who did butchering as a side job.
  • How food has changed through the years; how our grocery stores have changed.
  • Family bake-offs and where Cherie’s love for baking originated, and the family fruit pie favorites. Hear Cherie and her mom, Sandy, talk about what makes a pie crust moist and tender.
  • How family menus come together.
  • Sandy’s famous sour cherry pudding (cake/pie) recipe.
  • Cherie’s daughter Elise’s love for baking cakes even though not a recipe follower, and how she helps Cherie “go rogue.”
  • Where family recipes are kept and the “family tree project” that contains the grand-parents recipes. Using cookbooks as scrapbooks. Using the internet as a library.
  • Cooking with what you have.
  • The Fanny Farmer Cookbook and how we bring those recipes and ideas forward.
  • Favored food memories and the things we celebrate around the table.
  • How food brings us together, helps us heal and teaches us to celebrate our friends and memorialize events.
  • Adopting and blending recipes from our cultures, both religious and geographic. The acceptance of each other’s cultures when food is the central focus.
  • How each generation learned to cook.
  • Each generation’s personal quest for the perfect bite. Cherie’s mom throws Cherie under the bus and declares her chocolate chip better than the memory of Cherie’s Grandma’s cookie.
  • Cooking defines who you are and who you are as a family.

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