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Bonus Episode: Breadcrumbs. When Burnt is Okay.

Bonus Episode: Breadcrumbs. When Burnt is Okay.

Breadcrumbs!  That’s right.  There’s a lot more to those tasty toasted bits of bread. Learn how to use those bits and ends of leftover bread, and change up a whole lotta recipes. You’ll learn to use your scraps of leftover bread to add a level of flavor and texture to food and recipes, and you’ll learn to master the art of burnt, a trending technique that adds flavor and depth to your food. Who knew there were so many uses for those pieces of leftover bread? We’re talking breadcrumbs and when burnt is okay.  

In this episode we're talking about:

  • Episode 38 Our Homemade Kitchen and the Shortcut that keep us cooking; the cookbook Bread Toast Crumbs, from Season 1 and the trending fad of “burnt”; Episode 35 The Purpose of All Purpose Season
  • The best breadcrumbs come from using a variety of breads.
  • With breadcrumbs the goal is to get texture and taste to intersect so you can use your leftover scraps of bread in new ways to change up your food and recipes.
  • Classic uses: thickening or adding bulk, adding a binder, or as a coating.
  • Panko breadcrumbs are freeze-dried and chard-like like in SkinnyTaste One & Done, Buffalo Drumsticks with the Creamy Cabbage and Kale Slaw.
  • Fresh vs. dried breadcrumbs
  • Burnt trending since 2015; a lot of merit to this technique and flavor trend.
  • Burnt Toast on Purpose from Saveur Magazine: BURNT TOAST ON PURPOSE MAKES ABOUT 1/3 cup Ingredients: 4 oz. bread, preferably yeast-risen with a hearty crust; Instructions: Slice bread about 1⁄4″ thick. Using a grill or broiler, toast bread, turning as needed, until evenly burnt, 4–6 minutes. Transfer bread to a baking sheet fitted with a rack; let sit overnight until completely dried out. Chop bread into 1⁄2″ pieces. Working in batches, grind into a powder using a spice grinder.
  • Tips: Stay away from anything with high sugar content. Use vegetables – char all over edges, preserve the delicious meaty interior.  Proteins will develop an unpleasant flavor when over-charred; it’s a fine line between an elegant char and over-burnt, bitter bite of meat.
  • The Nopi Cookbook Burnt Green Onion Dip with Curly Kale, which was sent to our weekly subscribers. Sign up for our weekly email updates at com. One important point to remember: there is no such thing as over-charring your onions.
  • The recipes we cooked for this recipe include Italian Sheet Pan Chicken from Giada’s Italy; Polenta with All the Greens from Eating from the Ground Up; Buffalo Drumsticks with a Creamy Cabbage and Kale Slaw from SkinnyTaste One & Done. We talk about a crab cake recipe from Burger to Believe In, and Chef Donna’s recipe for Lobster Artichoke Cheese Dip.
  • How to make your own flavored breadcrumbs that becomes a great textural flavor component that you just sprinkle on any of your foods. Try Chef’s Donna’s Adoro Blend, the Tuscany Blend, Tomato Tarragon or Italian Herb Blend available with code MOUTHFUL10 at The Spice & Tea ExchangeYou’ll find these recipes at on our Recipes page.

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