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Episode 42: Our Love For Cultural Cuisine

Episode 42: Our Love For Cultural Cuisine

Different cultures influence our modern food scene, and not just in restaurants. We talk about how different cultures bring uniqueness to the American table and our ever-changing palate – in our grocery stores and in the books we cook from. We look at how food traditions arrive here, and the food culture they create. Then we talk about how we change these recipes to suit the American kitchen and culture, while still trying to preserve the flavors, foods and stories that they tell.

We’ll be talking about…

  • How – as different cultures – we seek to fit in and stand out at the same time.
  • We talk to Cathy Barrow, author of Pie Squared and get her insights on how to adapt her recipes to satisfy our cultural preferences; learn how cultural cuisine influences the development of her recipes and crusts in her book.
  • How food travels and how food cultures tend to meld and change to suit wherever you live.
  • Why we are so enamored with cultural cuisine AND ethnic ingredients.
  • American’s journey through food. We refer to The American Plate: A Culinary History in 100 Bites.
  • Chef’s and cookbook authors sharing cultures and personal histories through food.
  • We refer to previous Episode 39 – Low ABVs and talking about the aromatic components of ingredients; Episode 34: Going Rogue – Taming Our Tendency to Tweak; Episode 31 – How we learn to cook.
  • 6 trending cultural flavors: Moroccan; Korean; Southeast Asia and Thailand; Vietnamese; Cuban; Peruvian.
  • Changing recipes with ingredients and techniques to suit our own culture and kitchen.
  • Honoring our roots and using recipes as inspiration to relive the stories of our families and bring those flavors into the foods we cook every day.
  • The ongoing celebration of cultural cuisine into the United States.
  • Hear what our testing community had to say about the recipes they’re cooking including Baked Salt Cod from My Lisbon; Tea Leaf Salad from Burma Superstar; Korean BBQ; Cuba!; Peruvian Chicken Soup from The Clean Plate. Vibrant India; Secrets of the Southern TableCathead Biscuits; Cold Soba Noodles from 100% Real; Italian Sheet Pan Chicken with Bread Salad from Giada’s Italy; Shrimp Toast from Gather & Graze.

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The recipes discussed in this episode come from these cookbooks and others. Find more on our Cookbooks Page.