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Episode 41: Where We Find Our Food

Episode 41: Where We Find Our Food

A compelling discussion about where our food comes from, the stigma, mis-information, and judgments attached to food at their different points of sale. We talk about the choices we make about our food, and open the door to a clearer understanding about what we’re buying where we buy our food. We talk about the different sources and resources for buying food. We talk to 2 artisan food makers about what it means to create food. We talk sustainability, utility and resourcefulness NOT as a division between what’s right or wrong, but as a tool to allow each of us to make a choice that’s meaningful in the context of our own lives and needs.

We’ll be talking about…

  • Doing what you can within reason to buy the food you need. Shop the story and feed yourself in the best way possible.
  • 87% of our US population acquires their food at grocery stores; 6% by their own hand (hunting, fishing, gardening); people eat at restaurants twice as frequently as they shop from large grocers; 1% from food pantries and meals on wheels on programs.
  • Understanding our own personal filter that we all use to think about, locate, and buy our food.
  • You are your best and only reliable resource when it comes to buying your food. Only you can decide what has value to you, and what sources you are willing to trust. Studies suggest up to 70% of US homes will buy their food online within the next few years.
  • Understand what you need and buy to that need. We refer to Episode 38 – Our Homemade Kitchen: The Shortcuts That Keep You Cooking.
  • What are you able to do with leftover ingredients? Are they useful? What are you using them for and do they have utility in your kitchen beyond that need? We refer to Bonus Episode: Breadcrumbs: When Burnt is Okay.
  • Substitutions are key to your own resourcefulness. Saving your unused herbs by freezing in either water or olive oil. We refer to Episode 34: Going Rogue: Taming Our Tendency to Tweak and Episode 32 Understanding Our Ever Changing Tastes. We also mention upcoming Episode 45: Gathering Multiple Generations at Our Table.
  • Understanding and read labels. So your choice to buy is an informed choice.
  • How our food is grown and created. Meet Gabriel Key of Foggy Mountain Pasta and David and Rynn Caputo of Caputo Brothers Creamery. We refer to upcoming Episode 43 The Importance of Cheese. Using Cheese as an ingredient and the cost of using cheese to finish dishes; thinking about how to use leftover pieces of cheese and using your freezer to save those end bits.
  • Actively decided what you want to support by your choices. Balance between what we have available and what we want; what we want and what we need; what we need and what we can afford.
  • Food sustainability. Control what you eat and where you choose to eat it – out of your home or choose to cook in your home. Talk to the people who are providing you your food.
  • Awareness is key. Understand where you are and what your circumstance of the day is. This helps you set your intention about your choices and where you will shop and buy your food.

Hear what our testing community had to say about the recipes they’re cooking including Barolo Braised Short Ribs from Giada’s Italy; Baked Salt Cod from My Lisbon; Baked Camembert with Honey & Apple Cider from Tasting Paris.  You’ll find these recipes and more at on our Recipes page. And go to our Podcasts Page for links to the podcasts we talk about.

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