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Episode 40: Dietary Platforms and Food Allergies: Satisfying Everyone At Our Table

Episode 40: Dietary Platforms and Food Allergies. Satisfying Everyone At Our Table

Learning to cook to cook to new or different dietary platforms including vegan, gluten free, grain free, dairy free and, even food allergies satisfies everyone at our table. Still, we have to re-learn to cook outside our comfort zone. You can still cook tasty food regardless of who you’re cooking for; the ultimate goal is to create good food and keep everyone safe around your table.

We’ll be talking about…

  • Food is food and good food is good food; a different platform allows you to get creative in your kitchen.
  • Different dietary platforms, such as diabetes, vegan, celiac disease, lactose intolerance, food allergies, and low sodium, or anything that is different from how we typically cook.
  • All dietary platforms should be considered normal and mainstream.
  • What to avoid or choose to eat for whatever platform you’re cooking to.
  • We refer to previous Episode 31 How We Learn To Cook, Episode 30 What We Bring To The Table; Episode 32 – Our Ever Changing Tastes; Episode 35 – The Purpose of All Purpose Seasonings; Episode 34 – Taming our Tendency To Tweak; Bonus Episode on Breadcrumbs; upcoming EP 41 – Where We Find Our Food.
  • The questions to ask and responsibilities when entertaining in your home.
  • Terri and Jim’s Winning Recipe for Impossible Chili.
  • How to cook anything – regardless of platform. Some things remain true: balance sugar, fat or protein with seasoning; round out taste with bright notes (citrus) or umami; layer in aromatics. Consider cooking techniques –brown or sauté, to add texture and flavor.
  • Tips for entertaining in your home: be creative about how you identify foods. Create dishes that look similar so no one is made to feel different.
  • Using your grocer’s nutritionist to help with understanding other’s needs or your own.
  • Revisit Episode 35 The Purpose of All Purpose Seasonings – and the ideas for salt-free seasonings for low sodium diets.
  • Cherie’s Pantry Sweep for different dietary platforms: sweetener options = maple syrup and honey; gluten free includes amaranth and buckwheat and gluten-free soy or tamari; Almond meal and flour; gluten free pastas, cook only to al dente; polenta as an option for gluten free cooking and how to change it up; and vegetables.
  • Pantry staples for Vegetarians: Legumes; Seitan; Use the char and press technique from The Wicked Healthy Cookbook.
  • For egg allergies there are substitutes for eggs; the internet is full of options. Aquafaba (bean protein) is an excellent substitute for egg protein in cooking.

Hear what our testing community had to say about the recipes they’re cooking including Almond Meringues from The Wicked Healthy Cookbook; Kale Tomato Lemon Magic One Pot Spaghetti from Modern Way to Cook; 5 Ingredient Kale Pesto Pasta from Chloe Flavor;  Rigatoni with Roasted Cauliflower and Crispy Capers from Back Pocket Pasta; Twice Baked Souffles from Repertoire; Yellow Rice and Lentil Risotto from Vibrant India; and Recipes from 100% Real,  

You’ll find these recipes and more at on our Recipes page. Look for our Gluten Free, Vegan and Vegetarian sections.

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