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Episode 39: The Virtues Of Low ABVs: The Food and Wine / Spirit / Beer Affinity

Episode 39: The Virtues Of Low ABVs: The Food and Wine/Spirit/Beer Affinity

In the world of growing choices, food clearly follows.  Choices – and a lot of them – are trending in the world of spirits, especially, low abvs (alcohol by volume).  So is the craft cocktail, the small batch craft beers and small producer wine clubs. Just as with our food, these beverages are both ingredients and taste amplifiers. How do they work? And how do they enhance or create new and better food experiences.  

In this episode we're talking about:

  • Definition of a low abv – or a “session” cocktail – it contains no more than ¾-ounce of a strong spirit and remainder is filled with lower proof ingredients; chasing big flavor at a lower proof. Not meant to overpower palate; pairs with sharp, salty bites of food.
  • Historical reference and evolution of the word “session beverage.”
  • Spritz cocktails are typically 3 parts prosecco, 2 parts bitters, 1 part soda.
  • Ice is your friend.
  • We refer to upcoming Episode 41 - Where We Find Our Food; Episode 31 - How We Learn To Cook; Episode 32 - Our Ever Changing Taste; Episode 35 - The Purpose of All Purpose Seasonings.
  • Everything in balance.
  • Low abvs aren’t always low abvs.
  • Food affects the taste of wine more than wine will affect the taste of food.
  • Pairing options between cocktails and wines; comparing the thought processes compared between a mixologist or a sommelier and a chef.
  • Taste and flavor associations that complement the food to the beverage.
  • Taste and flavor associations that contrast.
  • Hear what our testing community had to say about the cocktails they created including Basilinia, Watermelon Cooler, and Kitty Highball from Session Cocktails; Hand Cut Burger from Burger to Believe In; Rome with a View, Aperol Betty, and Venetian Spritz from Spritz: Italy's Most Iconic Aperitivo Cocktail. You’ll find these recipes at com on our Recipes page.

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The recipes discussed in this episode come from these cookbooks and others. Find more on our Cookbooks Page.