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Episode 37: What’s In A Name?

Episode 37: What's In A Name

In this episode we'll be talking about:

  • Cherie’s 7 tips to help pick a recipe. Ask yourself these questions: 1. Find a reliable resource for recipes such as, including our Bonus Podcasts Recipe Roundups. 2. What are your goals for your recipe?  3. Choose recipes based on your cooking skill as much as the appeal of the recipe. 4. Look at the number of ingredients. 5. Survey the number of fresh vs. “pantry swept” ingredients; utilize your freezer as part of your pantry. 6. Consider active cooking time. 7. Determine chopping time.
  • How do you start the process of selecting a recipe to cook? Cherie’s list? Or the name?
  • Often the photo that accompanies the recipe does not always reflect the final dish. If a recipe’s name is similar to eating with your eyes first, how does that name influence our choice to cook the recipe?
  • The impact of a table-scape that matches your menu or the food you are serving. Cherie explains how she chooses recipes – either to match her table-scape ideas, or traditions around the visual appeal of a recipe. You’ll feel happy even if the food is only okay.
  • Using health and healthy eating as a basis for selecting a recipe, or the idea of trending dishes. Choose recipes to match the season you’re cooking in.
  • The recipes our recipe testers had a lot to say about, including Barley Cauliflower Risotto from The Flavor Matrix, One Pot Orzo with Artichokes and Tomatoes from The Kitchen Shortcut Bible; Butternut Mac with Shiitake Bacon from Chloe Flavor vs classic mac ‘n cheese; Asparagus Carbonara from The Homemade Kitchen.
  • Choosing recipes that have challenging names or techniques in their name, such as the Twice Baked Soufflés from Repertoire.
  • The way food trends influence our choices to attempt or recreate flavors in our kitchen, such as cold smoking and sous vide cooking; layering in flavor at the end of the cooking process.
  • The choice to perfect a recipe if you already have a favorite version. What our recipe testers had to say about their personal pursuits to perfect recipes, including Chocolate Chip Cookies from Repertoire.
  • The investment of energy, time and cost as you begin the process of cooking. Evolving in our choices, and improving our cooking skills each time we work on a recipe.
  • These recipes and more on our website at on our Recipes page.

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The recipes discussed in this episode come from these cookbooks and others. Find more on our Cookbooks Page.