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Episode 36 Part 1: Baking Basics

Episode 36 Part 1: Baking Basics

Baking Basics Part I  helps home cooks with any skill set level the playing field when it comes to baking.  We talk through the fundamentals of baking and setting up a baker’s home kitchen.  We talk with Rose Levy Beranbaum of The Cake Bible and now, Rose’s Baking Basics, and hear her tips and insights.  You’ll learn the right things to do with what you have on hand so you can be a successful home baker!

We’ll be talking about…

  • How to approach the home baking setting with confidence, and how to set yourself up to succeed with your baking recipes.
  • Being in the moment and loving the process of making beautiful things.
  • Understanding how to choose your ingredients; the importance of weight and volume in measuring your ingredients, and what water to use!
  • Flour – specifically the different types, and how each affects taste and texture - as one of the most critical ingredients to successful baking.
    • Use bleached all-purpose and bleached cake flour for cakes and cookie dough;
    • Bleached all-purpose flour and unbleached pastry flour for pies and pastry dough;
    • Unbleached all-purpose and unbleached bread flour for bread dough, and
    • Wondra Flour for dusting pies, pastries and cookie dough, or your rolling pin!
  • What to do with extra eggs and egg whites
  • Why choosing the right equipment matters, and affordable options for those expensive counter-top appliances.
  • The importance of leveling and calibrating ovens.
  • We refer to previous episodes: Season 1 Episode 22 Not So Extreme Baking; Season 2 Episode 31 How We Learn To Cook, and Episode 30 What We Bring To The Table

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The cookbooks and the recipes discussed in this episode include: