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Bonus Episode: Recipe Roundup #3

Bonus Episode: Recipe Roundup #3

We challenged ourselves with some fairly straight forward cooking this round, things you’d expect to be easy and produce excellent results.  Most of the recipes used common ingredients, many from our home-pantry.  We put up 3 slow-cooker cookbooks against each other; we cooked some surprisingly easy and delicious vegan and vegetarian recipes, we took on celebrity chef Michael Symon’s straightforward approach to meat and we rounded everything out with three deliciously chocolate recipes from the doyenne of baking herself, Rose Levy Beranbaum, in her new book Rose’s Baking Basics.  While all of the recipes rated well enough to land on Now That’s A Mouthful Recipes Page, that didn’t mean they weren’t without issue. We learned a lot, asked a lot of questions and, as usual, our testers had a lot to say about what we were cooking!

In this episode we'll be talking about:

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The recipes discussed in this episode come from these cookbooks and others. Find more on our Cookbooks Page.