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Episode 31: How We Learn To Cook

CREDIT REPERTOIRE Chocolate Chip Cookies

Episode 31: How We Learn To Cook.

Hear insights and stories about how we learn to cook, and how the recipe testing experiences we share continues to influence what and how we learn.  

During the conversation...

  • Podcast hosts and members from the recipe testing community share their nostalgic anecdotes about how they learned to cook.
  • Hear about our quests for perfecting recipes and the challenges we face in cooking new recipes.
  • Gain awareness about choosing a recipes to cook that’s right for you; understand how each cooking experience allows us to evolve as homecooks.
  • Discover new recipes to try including Chocolate Chip Cookies, Grilled Tahini Chicken, Grilled Piri Piri Chicken, Chocolate Mousse with Beet Meringue, Barley and Cauliflower Risotto, Potato and Cheese Pansoti and Butternut Mac ‘n Shiitake Bacon.

Listen as we share insights about learning to cook, learning to cook through the Now That's A Mouthful podcast Recipe Testing community, and evolving our cooking repertoire as we try new recipes and work to perfect them. 

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This episode features recipes from the following cookbooks: