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Episode 34: Going Rogue: Taming our Tendency to Tweak

Episode 34: Going Rogue: Taming Our Tendency To Tweak

Recipes are written for a specific purpose by cookbook authors, and we learn their techniques and understand their voice when we cook their recipes. So why are we forever changing and tweaking recipes?  We’ll talk about the reasons to follow a recipe, and the reasons to jump off and go rogue! Join our conversation.

We’ll be talking about…

  • The importance of recipes and the reasons to follow then, and then the reasons to tweak them.
  • Tweaking recipes to make them more palatable to us or our families; to meet our dietary needs, or to simply streamline them. Sometimes we simply tweak because we don’t have the ingredients we need.
  • We refer to other episodes: Episode 31 How We Learn To Cook, Episode 30 What We Bring To The Table; Episode 37 What’s In A Name; Episode 36 Baking Basics; Episode 21 Breakfast for Dinner
  • How we know we can be successful when we’re tweaking.
  • How one tester from our Recipe Testing community was successful vegan-izing the One Pot Orzo with Artichokes and Tomatoes by swapping out a vegan Cashew Feta for the ricotta in the recipe found in The Kitchen Shortcut Bible.
  • Hear what our testing community had to say about the recipes they’re cooking including One Pot Orzo with Artichokes and Tomatoes from The Kitchen Shortcut Bible, Chocolate Chip Cookies from Repertoire, Clinton Street Brookies from Rose’s Baking Basics, Minestrone Soup from The Homemade Kitchen, Sweet Potato Hash Open Face Sandwich from 100% Real, You’ll find these recipes at com on our Recipes page.

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This episode features recipes from the following cookbooks. Click on the books to find the recipes: