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Bonus Episode: Recipe Roundup S2 #2

Bonus Episode: Recipe Roundup S2 #2

We dive into a diverse set of cookbooks and recipes our Recipe Testers took on to see what worked and what we did to improve upon them.  Grilling season was in high gear and the warmer months were coming to an end.  We tackled complex recipes filled with lots of component recipes from Celebrity Chef Jennfier Jasinski, grilled burgers and steak, shrimp and lamb, and even peaches and watermelon.  We also used watermelon as the base for a low alcohol by volume (abv) cocktail, along with two other adult beverages. Finally, we took on a curated collection of recipes from Jacques Pepin hoping to change up our chicken game. While all of the recipes rated well enough to land on Now That’s A Mouthful Recipes Page, that didn’t mean they weren’t without issue. We learned a lot, asked a lot of questions and, as usual, our testers had a lot to say about what we were cooking!

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