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The Clean Plate: Peruvian Chicken Cauliflower Rice Soup

Excerpted from the book THE CLEAN PLATE: EAT, RESET, HEAL* by Gwyneth Paltrow. Copyright © 2019 by Gwyneth Paltrow. Reprinted with permission of Grand Central Publishing. All Rights Reserved.

 A friend of mine told me about this soup she’d had at a Peruvian restaurant called aguadito de pollo that was a vibrant green color from all the cilantro in it. As a lover of cilantro for its unmistakable flavor, I had to try to make my own version of the soup. After tinkering a bit and swapping out the rice for cauliflower rice, I landed on a soup that was equal parts light and satiating. Cilantro is said to have chelating properties—meaning it may help the body get rid of heavy metals—and is generally thought of as a cleansing herb in the Ayurvedic tradition. This is the kind of cleanse-friendly food I’d eat whenever.

Serves 2

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