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Episode 54: Nose to Tail to Table and Beyond

Episode 54: Nose to Tail: Artisan Butchery and Beyond

The tradition of nose to tail artisan butchery is long and honorable. In the food world, artisan products are conceived and created with traditional, hand-made techniques rather than modern, mechanized processes. Artisan butchers know where their meat comes from, the conditions the animals were raised in, and the culture of the people doing the farming. We introduce you to an artisan butcher to get his thoughts on how to be practical and responsible when it comes to sourcing your own meat proteins.

We talk about…

  • Doing our best to be purposeful in the world of food.
  • The Butcher’s Guild Oath: Heart: I maintain integrity in relationships; Source: I aim to support local, sustainable farms and practice whole animal butchery; Hand: I strive to improve my knife skills and knowledge of the trade; Voice: I am an active community member and encourage a healthy food system.
  • Chef David Mills at Smoke & Pickles Artisan Butcher Shop, Mechanicsburg Boro, Pennsylvania, and being inspired by world-famous butcher Dario Cecchini.
  • Practice your own butchery at home by starting with a chicken or a bone-in-leg of lamb.
  • Clean eating sourcing principles; there are a lot of grey areas in definitions of what’s “grass-fed,” “bio-dynamic,” etc. Food is valuable; it should not be wasted.
  • Offol. What is the correct pronunciation?
  • Chef Mill’s Lampredotto experience in Italy. Lampredotto is braised for 24+ hours in beef stock, sliced and seared with chili oil and served as a sandwich.
  • Episode 43 The Importance of Cheese and Dave and Rynn Caputo of Caputo Brothers Creamery.
  • Trying new foods; take one bite and find a way to try it; be curious.
  • The way an artisan butcher sources animals for butchering.
  • Episode 41 Where We Find Our Food; the comment of Gabriel Key from Foggy Mountain Pasta to “shop the story.”
  • Underutilized cuts of meats; the artisanal approach to butchering.
  • Grilled Leg of Lamb with Spicy Green Sauce from Let’s Stay In.
  • Our time here on earth and those that come after us, whether we’re talking nose to tail or root to stalk, using the whole ingredient and leaving nothing to waste is worth thinking about.
  • The natural progression in our season 3 series about “Redefining the Home Cook,” the importance of balancing our lives through a better understanding of where we can source the freshest and best ingredients and use them all to their fullest potential.
  • Stop in to Smoke and Pickles and tell Chef Mills you heard about his Artisan Butcher Shop on Now That’s A Mouthful podcast and receive your complimentary sample of Hickory Smoked Salt with purchase.

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