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Episode 65: The Taste of Pumpkin Pie.

Episode 65: Pumpkin Spice.

Pumpkin spice is a combination of warm and hard spices that create the flavor and aroma we know as pumpkin spice. Love it? Not a fan? Doesn't matter. We break it down so you can use these spices, most likely already in your larder. We wrap them in to both sweet and savory applications. We're bringing you the warmth and all the deliciousness that these spices have to offer, and there’s so much more than lattes and pies!

We talk about …

  • Two big takeaways: In baking applications pumpkin spice is used as a blend; in savory applications, the spices are used individually to punctuate flavors in a dish. Try Molasses and Ginger Porkballs with Bok Choy.
  • Pumpkin spice blend is made from hard and warm spices; the flavor experience is mostly aromatic.
  • These spices don’t dissolve!
  • The aromatics come from the primary taste we know as bitter. Chef Donna explains how bitter works by using a snickerdoodle cookie as an example.
  • In baking applications, a blend of the pumpkin spices are used in small quantities. They rely on fat to extend their flavor throughout the batter or dough, but the end experience is a warm aromatic taste; no one spice is dominant.
  • Try the Vegan Cinnamon Spice Chia Balls or Keto Peanut Butter Cake recipes from from our Recipes page.
  • Pumpkin spices in savory recipes appear most frequently in cultural cuisine.
  • Food memories help us to recognize a singular spice from pumpkin spice blend when in a savory dish.
  • How to start using the individual pumpkin spices in your home-cooking.
  • Chef Donna refers to 365, Cook Like a Local, Cooking for Good Times and the recipes that use these spices individually.
  • If things smell good together they probably taste good together.
  • Heat and fat extends and intensifies these spices; use judiciously.
  • Chef Donna’s one thing to learn from this episode: There's the scent of autumn that we've come to recognize as pumpkin spice. But at its core, at its very best, pumpkin spice is a wide range of amazing warm spices, like cinnamon, ginger, cloves, even cardamom and grains of paradise.  While these are easy used in baking, they’re even happier when used in savory dishes. Remember if it smells good together it's likely going to taste good together. Don't be afraid to experiment: start with a little and remember that with heat and fat these flavors will go a long way.

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