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Episode 64: The Power of Food.

Episode 64: The Power of Food.

Crafting a personal cuisine of your own from wherever your roots are is what resonates with people. Food is about storytelling and preserving heritage, and looking ahead to see what that means for us in our lives and daily circumstance.

We talk about …

  • In our home kitchen we should allow our food be an expression of who we are, where we've come from.
  • Food gives us a look into our pasts as well as bridging the gap between the cultures of our communities, our nations, and our world.
  • What’s modern and current in our kitchens can still reflect our heritage and past.
  • We refer to The Teen Kitchen cookbook. See our review here.
  • When you put food on a table it’s you giving a piece of yourself to those you’re feeding. You're telling your story.
  • Curiosity sets you on the path for discovery, especially with food.
  • We refer to two cookbooks from our PILOT SEASON: The Palomar Cookbook and The Chiltern Firehouse Cookbook.
  • Combining the fundamentals of your cultural with the best food available to you in your community.
  • You can eat something and remember it forever.
  • Food is its own conversation.
  • We are all story-tellers. Being so far from “home” offers perspective to explore and express your culinary identity, influences and heritage!
  • Ideas and food memories keep propelling us forward to keep trying and re-create the tastes and flavors from our past.
  • Deepening flavors by using cultural influences and flavors.
  • We refer to Aloha Kitchen cookbook. See our review here. The Gummy Bears recipe is a favorite of Chef’s Donna. Cherie soaks them in vodka.
  • Cherie talks about her experience at Salt & Straw Ice Cream Shop; Chef Donna refers to the cookbook.
  • Chef Donna’s one thing to take away from this episode: The food you cook in your kitchen – whether you’re thinking about it or not – tells the story of your life! Let that sink in… and then celebrate THAT. Make no apologies for where you are in your day, your circumstance… but DO step into your kitchen and give yourself over to who you are at your roots, your soul and your very best… it is enough and it will always be enough.
  • Cherie’s wrap: Having a sense of belonging is an innate human need. Food plays a powerful role in every ethnic group’s culture. It adds that sense of belonging to those who enjoy it. It makes you feel like you are a part of something special and it always stimulates great conversation.

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