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Episode 63: Krauts, Kimchi and Cultured Foods.

Episode 63: Krauts, Kimchi and Cultured Foods.

It’s easy to make home-cultured krauts and kimchi’s, and wrap the art of quick pickling into your home cooking. They taste amazing and give your gut a healthy boost. We take a fresh look at fermented sauces and how these ingredients can be used to create new, even more flavorful ingredients for our home-cooking/kitchen repertoire, and close the loop on conversations we started in Season 3 – EP 58 Healthy Kitchens, Healthy Lives and our Bonus EP on Metabolism!

We talk about …

  • It’s easy it is to make home-cultured foods and ingredients in our kitchens.
  • How prevalent and common cultured foods are and the process of fermentation is on our planet.
  • We refer to the Masala Chicken Wings recipe from Cook Like a Local.
  • We refer to The Farmhouse Culture Guide to Fermenting cookbook and the resources for Fermenting Equipment (our full review includes a link with an even more affordable fermentation lid here).
  • How easy it is to make home-cultured kraut; the different flavors you can graft onto standard kraut. Try Apple Fennel Kraut with Red Cabbage.
  • How to use kraut in your home-cooking repertoire, like stir fries and noodle dishes. For recipes and ideas we refer you to our recipes page.
  • Building off the success of making kraut, how easy it is to make kimchi!
  • Layering in ingredients that ferment with the cabbage base to create kimchi. And, how to create a vegan fermenting paste to create a vegan kimchi.
  • Layering in flavors and build off of the basic kimchi recipe. Chef Donna talks about adding in plums and cilantro to a basic carrot and cucumber kimchi. Try our Water Kimchi with Asian Pears and Pine Nuts.
  • Quick pickling and how to quick pickle fruits or vegetables. Chef Donna refers to quick pickling kohlrabi, the cookbook A Taste of History, our BONUS EPISODE RECIPE ROUNDUP #11 and the kohlrabi recipe, and served it with Grilled Lamb with Spicy Jalapeno Green Sauce.
  • Using the brines and pickling liquors as ingredients in your home kitchen.
  • Fermented sauces that are common in our kitchen larders. Their purpose is to create an umami-rich platform for flavor to jump off of.
  • How to use these ingredients to balance out their pungency to become something new that is more useful than a condiment.
  • We refer to Chris Shepherd’s Cook Like a Local cookbook and the chapters dedicated entirely to soy sauce and fish sauce!
  • How to mix those sauces with aromatics, spices and seasonings, herbs, citrus and a bit of sweet like sugar or honey, to create sauces and glazes.
  • The commonality of ingredients, the use of cruciferous vegetables for the fermented sauces to combine with, and the popularity of these cultural ingredients because of the balancing of flavors that become slightly sweet with a pleasant tang.
  • We refer to The Superfood Alchemy Cookbook and how the chapters in this cookbook balance the relationship between food and the mind-body-spirit composition, specifically we look to the chapter called Fermentation to discuss digestion.
  • We refer to recipes from The Superfood Alchemy Cookbook: Minty Avocado Green Tea Ice Cream, Hot Rosemary Apple Crumble, and Nutmeg Cacao Nib Pumpkin Mousse.
  • The process of digestion begins with salivation; the tangy sour taste of fermented and cultured foods helps to initiate salivation.
  • Chef Donna’s One Thing to take away from this episode: There’s probably an entire pantry of funky fermented and fabulous ingredients in your kitchen – things you already like, things you already cook with. Find those few tangy ingredients that you like and experiment or start wrapping them into other dishes that you like to cook. They’ll help bring all that flavor into focus, and you’ll be wrapping in cultural influences to your home cooking.

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