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Episode 62: The Foods and Flavors that Define Us.

Episode 62: The Foods and Flavors that Define Us.

We take a look at how prevalent cultural influences are in our home kitchens, and how we as home cooks bring our stories, cultures, recipes and traditions from our kitchens and onto our tables. We talk about cultural lines being blurred as we use ingredients and elements of cultural cuisines into our own style of home cooking. Kicking off Season 4 of Now That’s A Mouthful podcast brings these evolving cultural influences full circle through recipes, conversation and community.

We talk about …

  • The evolution of food and cultures through cookbooks and home cooking.
  • Learning from the variety of cultures represented in our local communities.
  • The abundance of food and the fear of stepping into our kitchen to cook that food.
  • The ideas and trends we see balanced against our own stories and cultures.
  • Bringing those cultural influences forward and wrapping them into the recipes we want to cook for every day meals.
  • Food traditions and cultures and where they start.
  • The ritual of cooking food together.
  • How to pass down family recipes.
  • The freedom that comes in cooking by using familiar foods and flavors.
  • We refer to Son of a Southern Chef cookbook and using culture as a platform to inspire people to cook.
  • How to join our community of Home Cooks and Recipe Testers.
  • Chef Donna’s one thing to take away from this episode: There’s real freedom and creativity in bringing world cultures and cuisines into our home kitchens. It’s these stories and familiarity with ingredients that gives us the confidence to be who we are and take our own ideas and flavors into the kitchen, and cook something new with them.

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