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Episode 59: Sharing Our Kitchen Space.

Episode 59: Sharing Our Kitchen Space.

Sharing the kitchen can make anyone territorial in the home’s heart-space. We share tips and ideas for being flexible and successful when you share your kitchen and cook with others. We help you find fun in the planning and preparation of a meal so everyone is happy to sit down together when dinner is ready.

We talk about…

  • The many hats you can wear in your kitchen.
  • Julia Child and the idea that cooking for yourself and with others is the most human moment you can have in any day.
  • The importance of communication when cooking with others.
  • When people gather in the kitchen, it lets us be in control of what we’re putting into our food.
  • EP 58 HEALTHY KITCHENS; HEALTHY LIVES – everybody sees and has a say what goes into your food.
  • Welcome children into the kitchen so they can see, assemble and taste the food they’re about to eat. It creates curiosity and engages them.
  • The importance of mise en place, or everything in its place.
  • How life skills are tested and realized in the kitchen.
  • Recipes evolve and become part of our repertoire when we change them to meet the needs of our friends or family.
  • The importance of storytelling to help create that human moment and build on traditions.
  • The Teen Kitchen cookbook and the Kitchen Twins Christmas morning ritual with their grandmother.
  • A kitchen is not a place to keep tabs on or keep score with others.
  • Understanding that mistakes happen: never apologize for what you bring to the table.
  • EPISODE 50 – Your Kitchen; Your Rules. – There’s a natural order to things in the kitchen. You know what you do best.
  • Remember to offer people in the kitchen a taste of food throughout the cooking process.
  • Cherie talks about the Chocolate Cranberry Almond Bars from The Teen Kitchen cookbook.
  • The importance of having a plan to get to your meal; know what everyone’s role is.
  • Cooking time is a social time; social time creates distractions. There’s no rush! Take your time, enjoy the people who join you in the kitchen.
  • Understanding that we all get to the end point differently!
  • How to get beyond competitiveness: learn from others.
  • Safety matters: fire extinguishers and first aid kits belong in your kitchen at all times.
  • Clean as you go.
  • Rethinking mise en place when you have people in the kitchen. Read your recipe and think through the meal in a way that divides the work so everyone can participate.
  • Chef Donna’s one thing to learn from this episode – Be open to the idea that your kitchen is where ALL of life’s lessons can be taught and learned and practiced – even by you! Think about it… communication skills – the kind that support and encourage people even in the face of unintended results, and a CAN DO attitude! Grit and perseverance through long, tedious baking or cooking techniques, and the self-confidence and quiet joy you get when you achieve that goal. Above all else, there’s team work. Nothing in this world or life happens singularly and cooking is no different. Celebrate the joy of being together with people, being in the care of other people, and caring for other people by preparing a meal together.
  • Cherie’s Wrap - try this if you really want to get to know someone: cook with others! You’ll get a good look at their personality and how flexible, generous and fair people are when they play together in your kitchen. Open yourself and your kitchen to the creativity and fun that will follow. Ultimately, it’s much more fun sharing your kitchen with the people you love.

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