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Episode 58, Part 1: Healthy Kitchens, Healthy Lives.

Episode 58, Part 1: Healthy Kitchens, Healthy Lives.

We’re changing up the conversation about the idea of healthy eating and dieting . In our two part episode we talk about balancing our lives in a world filled with competing ideas of what’s healthy and good for us.  In PART 1 we talk about the idea of “healthy” and what it means to be responsible for our own food choices. In PART 2 we help you design a blueprint for creating a kitchen around the foods that support and encourage you toward optimal health, and gives you the flexibility to discover and make food that is appealing, efficient and practical for whatever your lifestyle.

We talk about…

  • The constantly changing ideas around dieting and healthy eating. We flip that conversation on its head and start talking about the idea of nutrition or natural/whole foods, and how to bring that awareness into our kitchens to sustain our bodies and lives.
  • Using food as fuel and to make choices for optimal health.
  • Awareness being the key; responsibility lies with you for your body and your choices.
  • Cooking at home helps you eat healthier and consume less calories.
  • Keeping the conversation practical and realistic. Guidelines are set, but we are told there’s no “one size fits all” path to health and dieting.
  • The different layers to the conversation: medical, moral, value, economic and more.
  • Manufactured food and the role of sugar.
  • Keto Fat Bombs, Sweets and Treats cookbook and the author’s practical and useful tips beyond the Keto-context of the book.
  • Diata, latin for “way of life”; dieting is choosing a lifestyle.
  • Misconceptions around health and nutrition.
  • Cravings, Hungry for More cookbook and the recipes in Well + Good.
  • What you eat should make you feel your best and the work of author Danielle Walker in Eat What You Love.
  • Healthier Together by Liz Moody.
  • Chef Sam Talbot, 100% Real buy foods with no more than 5-ingredients.
  • The difference between awareness, teaching and preaching.
  • The word diet is not regulated; what happens if we remove the word diet from labeling and marketing practices?
  • Take nutrition science in context.
  • We hear from Hilary a member of our community of home cooks, a registered dietician and health coach talking about what healthy means to her, and what makes for a healthy kitchen.
  • Indulgence in the context of healthy eating.

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