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Episode 53: Spring Sparklers and Fresh New Cocktails.

Episode 53: Spring Sparklers and Fresh New Cocktails

Cutting-edge trends in mixed drinks, craft cocktails, wine and sparkling combos and yes, even the trending mocktails. The cocktail culture in never set in stone. Here's our ideas to use what you have on hand to create some spectacular spring sparklers and summer batch cocktails.

We talk about…

  • Episode 39 The Virtues of Low ABVs (alcohol by volume) – and our You Tube Channel; the evolution of cocktails as driven by a younger generation of mixologist/growing up with the concepts of farm to table/fork and now glass!
  • Batch Cocktails by Maggie Hoffman and Let’s Get Fizzical by Pippa Guy
  • “Ginnovation”, Low ABVs, Ccaft cocktails and beers.
  • The trends for 2019 include Savory Kitchen Cocktails, Farm to “cocktail” and flavor infusions; extraordinary combinations; healthy cocktails, and sustainability, especially in barware and energy. Mock-tails. Old concepts being used in new smart purposeful ways.
  • Reina Punch, from Batch Cocktails with its Red Pepper Hibiscus Syrup; using the scraps from the infusion.
  • An on-air review by Cherie of Batch Cocktails; she applauds the division of chapters because they are broken up into flavor profiles; season or occasion.
  • Using scraps in the context of cocktails
  • Skills we learn in cooking now carry over into crafting cocktails.
  • Upcoming Bonus Episode The Edible Garnish.”
  • Mezzcal as the new ‘it’ spirit.
  • We refer to Episode 41 Where We Find Our Food; Gabriel Key, proprietor of Foggy Mountain Pasta and his comment to “shop the story.”
  • Elevated mocktails being incorporated into more bar menus, including things like Turmeric Pineapple with Chilled Honey Syrup from Batch Cocktails.
  • We talk about the benefits of trying home-delivery cocktails or wines, like with our promotional partner Wines ‘til Sold Out.
  • We reference Episode 51 – Beyond Mise En Place and our comments about “low middle high notes”: round out base spirits with mixers and layer on aromatic garnishes.
  • An on air-review by Chef Donna of Fizzical; she applauds the cross-reference chart about different sparkling wines and the diagrams that reference flavor profiles in the different sparklers.
  • The concept of ‘batching’ cocktails.
  • Using wine as a mixer; same thing with tea.
  • Cocktails continue to push the aromatic game.
  • A maker of spirits is called a “distiller.”
  • Ideas to build your own cocktails to satisfy your needs, health- or taste-wise.
  • Use cocktails to signal what’s to come at your meal.
  • Chef Donna’s one thing to learn from this episode: creating craft cocktails isn't much different than what we do in our home kitchen. Keep notes or a photo diary of drinks, infusions or mixers that you like and you’ll be confident to experiment and craft your own cocktails using the things we talk about in this episode.

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