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Episode 48: Balancing Life, Love and What’s For Dinner

Episode 48: Balancing Life, Love and What's For Dinner

Today’s home-cook overcomes a lot just to be able to get into the kitchen and cook. We share ideas to juggle and balance “life, love, and what’s for dinner ©”. Regain a sense of control around cooking and a renewed sense of purpose and joy to step into your home kitchen and cook for those you love.

We talk about …

  • The many great reasons to choose to be in the kitchen that provides great joy.
  • The meditative voices of the authors from Red Truck Bakery, Let’s Stay In, Catalan Food.
  • Ways to set yourself up to win when stepping into your kitchen. From that first step you build momentum, EVEN if you don’t know what your end point is.
  • Our new Instagram hashtag: #NTAMgrams helps you see what we’re doing and our recipe testers are cooking in the kitchen.
  • How pictures suggest flavors for us to taste in our "mental mouth," which ultimately allows you to drive your own flavor train.
  • How regions can suggest flavors and inspire creativity.
  • We refer to Episode 43 The Importance of Cheese.
  • The joy that comes from having a hand in your own food/cooking/service.
  • The importance to cook with purpose; it gives you peace and provides balance.
  • We refer to the Shenandoah Apple Cake, Bourbon Balls and Ham and Cheddar Scones from Red Truck Bakery.
  • Success in the kitchen comes from having the courage to step in first. Then YOU can decide what the rules of your kitchen should be.
  • Planning meals so you don’t end up feeling like you “have” to cook. Go in to shopping for ingredients with a list; talk to the people who know what's freshest.
  • How to approach something unexpected so you still feel like you’re in control and able to cook from what you want.
  • The book Eat What You Love with a template for Meal Planning.
  • Take your recipes with you to the grocer so if something isn't available you can find a good substitute, and so you can improvise with the food you have available. You'll feel confident.
  • You don't have to create photo-perfect food. Step away and find the recipe you want to cook when you've decided what ingredients you have on hand and want to cook with.
  • We refer to Dinner for Everyone and How to Cook Without a Book.
  • Different cultural approaches to meal time. Try an omelet for dinner; small plates, etc.
  • Be practical with what you have, and realistic about what you’re able to do well in the time you have. Keep notes so you can always go back and recreate what you liked.
  • Feed your self, in every sense of the word. Your relationship with food will never be as paramount as the relationships with those you feed.

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