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Episode 47: Redefining the Home Cook: Balance to Our Lives & Feeding Our Souls

Episode 47: Redefining the Home Cook: Balance To Our Lives, Joy In Our Kitchens, Food for Our Souls

Redefining the home cook is our Season 3 theme as we take a closer look at home cooking. There’s renewed effort to bring balance back to our lives, step back into the kitchen, find joy in cooking for ourselves and our loved ones. We feed our souls when we break free from the rules that don’t make sense for us in the kitchen! All season long we’ll be talking about this balance between “life, love and what’s for dinner©”.

We talk about…

  • The beginning of a new Season 3 at Now That’s A Mouthful podcast. Each episode is dedicated to looking at home cooks in a brand new way. We talk about stepping into our kitchens with purpose and clarity beyond just cooking to get dinner on the table. We look at the kitchen as a place to find balance and feed our souls.
  • Being busy in our kitchens but in a joyful and soulful way.
  • This season’s topics that do just that: quick cooking and investment cooking; honing our skills; cooking creatively, and cooking for the sheer joy of cooking.
  • Red Truck Bakery, and a note of thanks for the delicious box of goodies from Brian Noyes. We talk about the delicious Bourbon Balls and Ham and Cheddar Scones, from that cookbook.
  • Inspiralized & Beyond Cookbook. Cherie shares her first experience spiralizing with our Briefton’s 7-blade spiralizing when she made the Sweet Potato Bagels with Cinnamon Cashew Cream Cheese; Use Code MOUTHFUL10 for a 10% discount off of Briefton’s US Amazon site.
  • What inspires us into the kitchen: we want to help give us a sense of place; a sense of purpose and calm. We take control back, but in a healthy way
  • Cherie shares inspirational quotes including “cooking is an art full of creativity: dance in your kitchen, mix your imagination with a twist and put together a delicious meal.”
  • Upcoming episodes to help you step in and find that joy for cooking even if you lack the time. Episodes like What’s Old is New Again and talking about making comfort food more suited to our lifestyles; Readying Our Larder, Cooking for One and more.
  • What inspires us to step in the kitchen; how can we rethink our purpose in the kitchen.
  • Giving ourselves permission to do things a little differently. Keep it simple, start small, have a plan, and set yourself up for success.
  • More upcoming episodes that talk to ingredients as inspiration, like honey, tea and chocolate; Single subjects like bread baking, no-knead and quick bread. Science in our kitchen and new ideas around taste and flavor.
  • Episodes and cookbooks that rely on kitchen gadgets and counter-top appliances.
  • Recipe Revamping – making the best our own; we talk about going rogue on our test recipes. We refer to Episode 34 Going Rogue.
  • One thing to take away from this episode… Chef Donna says: Step into your kitchen and pause. Listen to what your kitchen has to say in that moment and find your sense of place and purpose. And then cook. You’re likely to find joy in what you’re doing.

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