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Episode 50: Your Kitchen, Your Rules. You’re Ready!

Episode 50: Your Kitchen; Your Rules. You're Ready!

Crafting delicious meals creatively from ingredients you have on hand may not be as hard as you think. Seeing the versatility in ingredients can inspire you to make delicious home cooked meals that meet your personal needs and flavor profiles. Stepping away from conventional written recipes and using your cooking intuition gives you flexibility to create your own rules in your kitchen so you can create satisfying meals smartly and confidently.

We talk about…

  • We refer to Episode 49 – Readying Our Larder and point a way in, so you can step away from conventional written recipes and use your intuition to put together satisfying meals smartly and confidently.
  • Cooking regularly builds confidence so you know how to use what you like, and are more comfortable stepping out of your comfort zone to make recipes your own.
  • That moment when you walk into your kitchen. Ask, “what am I hungry for?” When you know that then you can begin working toward it.
  • We use the Bourbon Roasted Pork Loin from Everyday Dorie as an example of the thinking process to create and combine flavor profiles.
  • We refer to Season 2 Episodes 34 Going Rogue and Episode 35 – All Purpose Seasoning.
  • Being practical with your interests and ideas. As Ashley Rodriguez says in Let’s Stay In, be “stunningly practical.” From an idea, use and create from what you know.
  • We talk about practical recipes that can easily be change up, like Miso Marinated Skirt Steak; Italian Sheet Pan Chicken; Shove it in the Oven Stew.
  • The basic blueprints and techniques you need to know to be successful to cook anything you want. Keep notes or photos of what you’re doing when you’re cooking so you can remember how you got to your end point.
  • Knowing basic techniques is essential so you can be successful with any ingredients you want to cook with.
  • We refer to Taste &Technique from our Pilot Season.
  • We talk about the technique of raw and using the Briefton’s 7-blade Spiralzer available on the Briefton’s US Amazon site (use code Mouthful10 and receive 10% off your purchase) to achieve interesting raw vegetable salads; we refer to tester approved Inspiralized & Beyond.
  • Do not boil anything, except dried pasta; we refer to EP 21 Season 1 – Breakfast for Dinner.
  • The simple techniques you need to know:  Steam-Sauté technique. Use a bit of flavorful fat, put your food in the hot pan; season then cover to create steam to soften and cook. Remove lid, let the moisture cook-off and you’re done. Pan-Roast is the similar except you finish cooking in the gentle heat of the oven. Grilling – we refer to Korean BBQ and the options for creativity.
  • Using the technique you’re comfortable with and then layer flavors in: add aromatics, vegetables, and spices and herbs. Use a flavorful fat to deliver the taste across your palate.
  • Chef Donna’s one thing – trust that you already know what you like and what you’re hungry for. Think about the taste you want to achieve and find a recipe to work from. Use what’s fresh and in your kitchen that intuitively sounds good to you. Then begin. 

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