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Bonus Episode: 3 Bites to Being Full and Satisfied.

Bonus Episode: 3 Bites to Being Full and Satisfied.

Imagine being able to eat what you want, when you want, without guilt or worry? 3 Bites to Being Full and Satisfied is the way to focus on what we’re really hungry for, and then approach cooking and eating with intention and enthusiasm.  This is a new way to eat, not diet.

We talk about…

  • How food loses its appeal after the first few bites.
  • We refer to EPISODE 58 HEALTHY KITCHENS; HEALTHY LIVES and the questions we learned to ask from The Nimble Cook cookbook and EPISODE 52 THE NIMBLE COOK.
  • Eating being the only voluntary choice in the game of hunger and appetite.
  • Diets and weight-loss strategies can’t work unless they are designed for real-life eating scenarios, including our abundant and pleasure-stimulating food environment
  • Why deny yourself the pleasure of eating? Why not learn to enjoy the experience of tasting your food?
  • What full feels like. Not over-full, but full. Your body is energized to move and continue to function.
  • How to know what will satisfy you in the moment at any given meal.
  • The “rules” we create around food. This is the EMOTIONAL SIDE to eating.
  • Understand your PRIORITIES when it comes to food. Why are you eating this food?
  • Create your own RULES AROUND eating to satisfy your personal needs.
  • The FIRST BITE wakes up your palate.
  • The SECOND BITE is for you to experience the tastes and flavors.
  • The THIRD BITE is for pure pleasure.
  • Chef Donna’s one thing to take away from this episode: Following a “Three Bites” eating plan gives you the freedom to eat what you want and avoid the vicious cycle of denial, then eating anyway and beating yourself up with guilt for doing what our bodies are designed to do… eat. THIS IS AN EATING PLAN, not a plan to eat. But I promise you that if you follow the ideas laid out here, you’ll find that you CAN enjoy the foods you want to eat in a way that supports your BODY and SATISFIES YOUR NEEDS, whatever they may be.
  • Cherie’s Wrap: We all HAVE TO EAT! And, while every study and statistic suggests we eat too much, few - if any - present reasonable, realistic alternatives for the world we live in and the abundance of food available to us. Chef Donna’s approach to eating may be the way for you to change the way you think about your relationship with food, and let you reconnect with that instinctive need for survival, AND STILL allow you to enjoy the food you’re eating.

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