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Bonus Episode: Navigating Your Grocery Store

Bonus Episode: Navigating Your Grocery Store

Grocery stores can be tricky to navigate. Learn what’s really going on from the minute you walk through the doors so YOU can be in control of the experience you want to have every time you step into a market… of any kind!

We talk about…

  • What really goes into your experience at the grocer. It’s an emotional experience!
  • We refer to Episode 49 – Readying Our Larder.
  • The “decompression zone.” Your first moment is filled with abundance, and judgments.
  • Why we turn right once inside and what’s waiting there for us (the high profit margin retailers – coffee, bakery shops; highest mark-ed up items, sometimes as much as 600% mark-up).
  • Danielle Walker’s Eat What You Love and being prepared for your trip: she recommends having a plan.
  • The center aisles. Avoid them unless you really need those items, or you’re studying ingredients.
  • We refer to Sam Talbot’s 100% Real and his 5-ingredients/natural ingredients test.
  • Manufacturer’s pay to put premium products at eye level. The store brand is usually placed next to those premium brands because we perceive a better deal on price.
  • Perception and placement of products: we perceive premium/better products to be on the higher shelves; economy products on the lower shelves.
  • Use the nutritionist in your grocery store or market to help you learn where the products or ingredients you need or want are located.
  • We refer to Episode 41 – Where We Find our Food and talk about understanding the story behind the food you’re buying.
  • Understanding why grocers will move products or manage inventory.
  • Asking for what you want, or ask to have the store order it for you.
  • Food as a loyalty business, and the importance of brand loyalty.

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