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Bonus Episode: Loving Lemons More!

Bonus Episode: Loving Lemons More!

Lemon adds a brightness and brings up the fresh taste of just about any food, cooked or baked. It is the finishing touch and can be a secret weapon to your cooking! We talk more about lemons, building on our Bonus Episode from Season 2 and explore the endless possibilities of this transformative citrus.

We talk about…

  • Season 2 Bonus Episode Love of Lemons
  • Lemons are actually berries. Lemon trees produce year round, with the average lemon holds 3 tablespoons of juice and contains 8 seeds!
  • Eureka, known for its bitter flavor, and Lisbon varieties are most common and typically sour, but has less seeds.
  • The Myer lemon is a hybrid and sweeter, which is nice for baking.
  • Avoid dull skinned lemons; they are no longer fresh.
  • Lemons turn from green to yellow because of temperature changes, not ripeness; lemons that are tinged green tend to be more acidic and will not contain as much juice.
  • Chef Donna’s penchant for fondling and smelling fruits while in the market.
  • Lemon and food flavor affinities or pairings: artichokes, capers, cumin, fennel, fish, garlic, mint, poultry, raspberries, shellfish, and thyme. We talk about the Chicken Paillard recipe from The Freds at Barney’s Cookbook.
  • Cherie’s and Chef’s Donna’s favorite uses of lemon zest and lemon juice.
  • Cherie’s tips for using lemon juice and zest in baking.
  • Lemon Bread Pudding with Lemon Curd from Happiness is Baking.
  • We refer to BONUS EPISODE ON HONEY, and the Nordic Ware Honey Bee Cookie Stamps to make cookies.
  • We refer to The Nimble Cook by Ronna Welsh and her chapter on citrus and the idea of roasting lemons to concentrate flavor and sweeten.
  • We refer to Love & Lemons Everyday by Jeanine Donofrio.
  • We talk about using lemons in your cocktails with ideas from Batch Cocktails by Maggie Hoffman, and Let’s Get Tropical by Georgi Radev. And, Let’s Get Fizzical by Pippa Guy
  • Cherie’s wrap: Remember, for most dishes, a squeeze of lemon should be added right before cooking finishes-you don’t want to do this too early as lemon will concentrate the flavor and make things bitter. Enjoy this little lemon secret, which is really no secret at all. It’s the flavor profile changer of the cooking world.

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