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Bonus Episode: In the test kitchen: Reina Punch from Batch Cocktails

Bonus Episode: In the test kitchen: Reina Punch from Batch Cocktails

We’re testing the Reina Punch Cocktail from Batch Cocktails by Maggie Hoffman. We taste 2 tequilas, 4 pinot noirs and have a lot of fun. Understand how testing a recipe works and take a peek inside our test kitchen to hear how we blend, balance and create a delicious cocktail.

We talk about…

  • A glimpse into our Test Kitchen and the recipe testing process
  • EPISODE 53 Spring Sparklers and Summer Cocktails
  • Batch Cocktail, by Maggie Hoffman: The Reina Punch Recipe
  • Comparing Tequilas and 4 Pinot Noirs
  • The Weekly Tasting from WTSO – Southern Hemisphere vs. California and Oregon Pinot Noirs
  • Two Tequilas: Espelon vs. Casa Noble
  • Comparing the Hibiscus Red Bell Pepper Syrup. Cherie’s version vs. Chef Donna’s
  • Chef Donna learning to use Cherie’s hand held juicer
  • The results: Choose a Pinot Noir you love, it makes a difference in the cocktail. If you like the taste of tequila, choose one with an agave forward flavor. If not, choose a milder brand like the Espelon.
  • Use what you like because the spirit and wine are backbone of the drink. Choosing what you like makes the difference.

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