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Bonus Episode: The Edible Garnish

Bonus Episode: The Edible Garnish

A garnish is the truest expression of the saying - we eat with our eyes first. But the wrong garnish or one that’s in-edible can ruin a dish!  Understanding how to use food as a garnish, and have it make sense in the context of your recipe, meal – or even a cocktail is simple. We’ll tell you how.

We talk about…

  • The garnish as being the quintessential expression of “eating with our eyes first.”
  • Edible herbs and flowers.
  • What make this dish look pretty make sure they’re flavors that are in the dish.
  • The Nimble Cook and Season 2 Cookbooks by Alaina Chernila.
  • How to select and use the proper garnish. Use what you have; consider adding a textural element with the garnish.
  • A garnish should have meaning on the plate; it should signal a taste or flavor to come or compliment the flavors of the dish.
  • The different ways to apply a garnish: Layering / Dusting / Placing / Drizzling / Splashing
  • Tablescapes as a way to introduce the meal. Make your table meaningful or purposeful in the context of what you are serving.
  • Edible insects as a garnish
  • Chef Donna’s one thing to learn from this episode: Garnishes should be as thoughtful – if not more thoughtful – than your dish! Think about what truly is going to add to and elevate the flavors you’re working with, and make sure it’s visually stunning.

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