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Bonus Episode: Ceviche.

Bonus Episode: Ceviche

Ceviche is a traditional South American dish of raw fish or other seafood tossed with citrus juice and fresh herbs and vegetables such as hot chiles, tomatoes, scallions, and cilantro.  The dish has a long history, but its origins are disputed. Regardless of its origin, the premise for making ceviche remains the same:  fresh fish is cured in a highly seasoned and spiced acidic liquid known as Tiger’s Milk.

We talk about…

  • Long and varied history of ceviche.
  • Raw and other seafood tossed with a highly acidic and seasoned marinade.
  • Ceviche screams summer and fresh ingredients.
  • Different flavor profiles that you can graft onto ceviche.
  • Tiger’s Milk – how to drink it with vodka.
  • Choose the freshest fish possible. Use firm white fleshed flaky fish, snapper, sea bass, and shellfish like scallops, shrimp or octopus.
  • Storing fresh fish on a covered bowl of ice in the bottom (coldest part) of your refrigerator to preserve freshness and texture.
  • How to test done-ness. Test a piece of fish every 5 minutes to determine desired done-ness. Too long and your fish becomes rubbery.
  • June 28 is National Ceviche Day.
  • A long, sharp knife for slicing fish; do not “saw,” use one continuous motion.
  • Cut fish into bite size pieces; the more surface area you create, the more area for the citrus marinade to de-nature the fish protein.

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