Now That's a Mouthful

Real People. Real Kitchens. Real Food.

Real People. Real Kitchens. Real Food.

A Podcast About Our Shared Experiences in the Kitchen.

Now That's A Mouthful
is a crowd-sourced podcast about how we cook and our shared experiences in the kitchen. Together we find answers to the questions you have, provide tips to level the playing field, and share insights that help you be the kitchen star you are.  Everyone is invited to participate as part of our home-cook/chef community and appear on the podcast! We celebrate cooks of all skill levels and want to know what's going on in your kitchen, and what you talk about around the table. Each week our podcast tackles a new topic based on our community’s questions and insights.

Hosts Chef Donna Desfor and Cherie Krause are talking with people just like you.  Each podcast is created to help everyone learn a little something new through lively and fun conversation.